The Sequoia trees

The name sequoia comes from The Indien Chief Sequoyab ( 1770-1843) the inventor of the cherokee alphabet.

The sequoias, two majestic columns just before the farmhouse. Scientifically named in 1824 this giant of the vegetal world came to Euope from St Petersburg in 1840. The sequoias planted by Mazel in around 1860 are the oldest in France. However they are still young compared to others that are more than 2000 years old. These older versions however, are few and far between as most were cut down after the 19th century and their numbers have been reduced by as much as 40% over 200 years. Sequoias occupy only around 500 000 hectares in their native state. In forests covering the Sierra Nevada Pacific in California and Oregan. This decline in numbers puts the species at serious risk of extinction.