The Mazel greenhouses

When they were first built these greenhouses were dedicated to cultivating fragile species.

The Mazel greenhouses. Protection for sensitive plants 

In 1860 Eugène Mazel undertook the construction of the greehouses, a cast iron frame was chosen with the structure resting on low walls. The Prafrance greehouses are a witness to the infactuation with tropical plants that took over Europe in the second half of the XIX century.

The Mazel greenhouses

The hot house

At the back of the hot house, a rocky waterall diffuses the humidity necessary to maintain the rainforest foliage.

The cold house

Une serre froide, adossée au mur d'enceinte, permettait autrefois de placer à l'abri du gel les végétaux sensibles. Les serres du domaine ont été restaurées en 1949 et 1995.

The cold house allows the sensitive plants to be sheltered from frost. These greehouses were restored to their original glory in both 1949 and 1995.

Like a vegetal theatre,  a variety of remarkable plants succeed each other season after season.