Workshops & educational activities

05 April 2017 to 01 November 2017

Birds of the park

Wednesday 24th Mai and Wednesday 27th septembre 2017

The Bambouseraie provides a sanctuary for many species of birds. Come and discover them during a detailed walk where you'll learn to recognise and spot them. Just keep your eyes wide open and you ears pealed, and follow the ornithology centre guide to the heart of the park to spot the king of the birds and its fellow creatures.

An activity proposed by The Centre Ornithologique du Gard COGard.


Animal biodiversity workshop reptiles and amphibians

Wednesday 31st May

Hear a presentation on living animals. Discover the exotic fauna of the region (insects, arachnis, reptiles, amphibian).

An activity proposed by La Cincidèle


Peculiar insects

Sunday 11th June and Wednesday 28th june

Invent your own little insect-inspired creature - flying, crawling, with antennas or horns - made from any natural elements you pick from the ground, whether seeds, leaves, bark or shells.

Let your imagination run wild !

We'll recommend different assembly techniques to make it move however you want. Take your creation away with you !

An activity proposed by DIPTYK