The bonsai and the lotus plants

If you visit La Bambouseraie between 14th July and 15th August you will have the chance to discover our lotuses in flower.

Often considered wrongly as a tropical, aquatic plant the lotus Nelumbo nucifera  grows very well in France as long as the substrate is good and the soil is smooth and silty. They should be permanently immersed in non-stagnant water. 

The elegant and beautiful lotus flower

Bamboos and lotuses develop underwater

Like bamboos, the lotus develops underwater due to a system of rhizomes. The lotus is a symbol of purity.

The bonsai

Next to the lotus pond, the bonsais that we exhibit will delight both young and old. The traditional bonsai culture originates from China and Japan and demands knowledge and a lot of patience. 

Bonsai acer palmatum

Did you know ?

The first bonsai were introduced in Europe at The Universal Exhibition in Paris in 1878.